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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hong Kong Venture Show Continued

As some of you may recall, I was at the Hong Kong Venture Show where Ashley Wood and Jeremy Geddes had a gallery showing. I wouldn't have know about this show if not a Mark Torres from the Philippines. He couldn't make it out because of the multiple flooding that occurred at that time. So I got him a little something and the funny thing is that he has something for me from way back when. So through a friend of his that came to visit Hong Kong we made the exchange.

Thanks Mark for the wicked heads up. It was a great show.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weird Food Stuff of the Week

Not sure if this actually weird for you, but Burger King didn't do well here and left, but has recently return to battle the golden arches. So with the return of BK here in HK, so have their potato chips. So, when is McDonald's going enter the chip wars?

Unique English of the Week

Don't go flashing your nude lights here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm a January baby, just like my now four year old. First time spending it away from friends and family, which is a bit of downer. I didn't expect must to happen and then I get this.

So do I get optimus and Soundwave to complete the set or what? Decisions, decisions.

Back of the box.

Yeah, I giggled like a like girl.

This is the front of the box.

Nothing like some geek love to make a birthday a good one. It's from one of my wife's friends. The say was spent having a seafood dinner in Causeway Bay under the "goose neck" bridge. That area is unique as you can eat in small nasty restaurants, or on the road. You know, where cars go by and give you a little honk to hurry you out of their way. Even the minibuses go through there as well. I'll upload some pictures of it later this week.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Unique English of the Week

Keep clear of lift doors or the giant crab will get you!

Found this sign above a elevator or lift. Hong Kong has adapted many UK English terms, such as lift, flats, etc.

Weird Food Stuff of the Week

There are gelato places throughout the world and Hong Kong is one of those places. As for flavours, there are the usual suspects and of course the local takes, which is what drew me into this gelato shop.

It was nice that it was started by a fellow Canadian.

XTC Gelato is located in the SOHO area of Central in Hong Kong. It's tucked under the many staircases and the world's longest covered escalator.

So my eyes scanned for any flavour that was unique to Hong Kong or East Asia.

Hong Kong milk tea is a popular drink here that I'll go into detail later. It's one of my favourite caffeine drinks, next to the likes of Vietnamese coffee.

After seeing Szechuan Pepper I just had to try it. It tasted like It was spicy and like eating creamy pepper. So I took the Hong Kong Milk Tea instead.

Milk Magazine - Adidas Star Wars Shoes

As I was walking by one the many street news stands that one can find everywhere in Hong Kong; they also sell comics as well by the way. I notice a magazine called Milk. It was a black and white cover with Star Wars images all over it. It's a magazine about popular trends in design and style. Besides talking about the Adidas' Star Wars shoes and apparel, it also came with Star Wars playing cards. So think of this as an addition to my last post about the Adidas Star Wars Stromtrooper kicks I tried on not so long ago. There are photos of the entire line so click and enjoy!

As always, remember you can click the photos for larger images.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stanley at Night

Been having some problems with transferring my cellphone photos to Picasa. So there will be a few post about things that happened a month or two ago. With that said here's a few shots of Stanley at night during the Christmas holidays.

IFC - Christmas Decorations

I know, Christmas has past, but here are a few photos of the International Finance Centre, which is another mall that we hit during that time. There theme was first flight.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Adidas Limited Edition Star Wars Kicks

Tonight I went to the Adidas store in Causeway Bay and lo and behold there were the Star Wars kicks. Damn cool stuff. They are packaged in blister packs like action figures. They know us geeks well. They had the Darth Vader hoodie that had a velcro chest piece, cape with chain and yes, a lightsaber--though it was a painted on pencil case attached to a string. Would I get this? Um, not my cup of tea. Not to mention it costs as much as the shoes. I like the stormtrooper shoes, while the Skywalkers are a close second. I'll have more picks of some related limited addition Adidas Star Wars stuff soon. For now, you can click on the slide show below for larger images. Oh and here is link to the Adidas Hong Kong for more details.

Unique English of the Week

Are they talking about their chicken?


What kind of chickens are they frying? This is made even funnier by the slang used for whores, which is "chicken;" a friend of mine here chuckles everytime we talk about this. He's also the one that pointed the slang connection to me.

Weird Food Stuff of the Week Part Deux

Since we moved right after the New Year, I've fallen behind, so here's a double taste of the Weird Food Stuff of the Week.

The KitKat's keep coming.

The orange flavour has a Fanta tangent to it. More chemical tasting to the point where my mind wasn't solidly convinced what the packaging was promising.

Is this a must try? I would say no. There are more interesting flavours out there. I've seen a green apple one on television, but haven't found it yet. Now those I think are the must tries.


Weird Food Stuff of the Week

So I went into KFC to try their take on one of the typical styles of breakfasts here. This one is where you have macaroni in chicken broth and some kind of meat. In this case KFC added a roasted chicken thigh and some tomatoes. I could have picked the traditional fried chicken, but to toss that into chicken broth?


This is sort of like a noodle soup, but more greasy and with thick macaroni. It's probably tastes better than it sounds and it does for the most part. Even in Toronto you can get this kind of breakfast; just not from KFC of course. Most Chinese greasy spoons will serve it. There's different takes on it that usually comes in the form of different combs that you can pick from. Choices of different meats from the likes of Spam to ham, and a drink. The drinks that you can usually pick from are Hong Kong Tea, milk tea or lemon in hot water. I've been having way too much caffeine lately so I paid a little extra for some juice.