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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ocean Park

This is a marine and mammal theme park in Hong Kong that has been running strong since 1977. Ocean Park is more popular than Disneyland here, and for good reason. It's more fun and it has some of the most beautiful views in Hong Kong.

We picked up season passes so we've been going pretty often. Halloween, Chinese New Year, Winterfest, etc. So here are some photos with the park all themed up.

Here are some interesting things you can find there.

Here you can take the world's second longest escalator.

Skyfair is were you'll find a nice tethered balloon ride which gives you a terrific view of everything.

Gold Fish Treasures is where you can find every kind of goldfish imaginable.

Atoll Reef is an amazing aquarium. Watching stingrays on the surface and underwater with the other species that includes sharks of every kind imaginable is s a sight to be seen.

The Sea Jelly Spectacular is pretty cool with various jellyfish that you will see in the various shaped tanks they're in. They also use coloured lights to give them a sort of mood ring kind of vibe.

Ocean Theater is where you'll catch the dolphin show. This place fills up quick. Even in the rain apparently, as you'll see in the photos below.

At Whiskers Theater you'll catch their seal show.

At Pacific Pier you'll sea lions and seals lounging around. There's also an underwater tank where you can watch them swim.

The gondola is a must do when you're there. Besides the bird's eye view of the park, you're going over mountains to the other part of the park and seeing the ocean and islands doing it. My kids will never let us leave until we do it at least once.

Besides traveling to the different parks by the gondola, you can also take the Ocean Express. It's a steampunk underwater train themed ride to and from the different parks.

Who doesn't like Pandas? You'll find An An and Jia Jia at the HKJC Giant Panda Habitat. They've been there since 1997. My kids are total panda fans, as you'll see.

We caught Spellbound On Ice, which was every enjoyable for the kids. Magic, dancing and aerobatics on ice.

As for their rides, they are like in most theme parks accept you have the most beautiful views while you scream your ass off.

Now this isn't something super special, but it caught my eye. Snackers delight I must say. With one hand you have your popcorn and drink.